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Trek Emonda ALR 5 Disc - 2020/2021

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Emonda ALR 5 Disc is a lightweight aluminum road bike with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, a reliable 2x11 Shimano 105 drivetrain, and an advanced alloy frame that gives it the sleek looks and handling of a far more expensive carbon bike.

It's right for you if...

You want all the advantages of a bike built to be the lightest in its class, with the added benefit of powerful disc brakes and a wallet-friendly alloy frame with the sleek looks and handling you'd expect only from a carbon frame.

The tech you get

A lightweight 300 Series Alpha Aluminum with shaped tubes and Invisible Weld Technology, a carbon fork that absorbs vibration from the road, powerful flat mount hydraulic disc brakes, Bontrager Affinity Tubeless Ready wheels, and a full 2x11 Shimano 105 drivetrain for precise and dependable shifting.

The final word

The extra versatility and better performance of disc brakes, an advanced alloy frame that looks and performs like carbon, and a reliable Shimano 105 drivetrain give this race-ready ride an incredible amount of versatility.

Why you'll love it

1 - Carbon looks and handling, alloy price point: Invisible Weld Technology and shaped tubes for sleek looks, light weight, and incredible handling
2 - It climbs fast, corners on rails, and descends with confidence
3 - Disc brakes offer better braking performance and extra clearance for wider, more stable tires
4 - It shares the geometry of our highest-end carbon Emonda race bikes, and it gives you a ride quality that stands up in every way to far more expensive carbon bikes
5 - Internal cable routing extends the life of your cables and adds to the bike's sleek look

Part Numbers

601479902521 570356 EMO43940128R
601479902538 570357 EMO43832718R
601479902545 570358 EMO43146762R
601479902552 570359 EMO43182781R
601479902569 570360 EMO43952036R
601479902576 570361 EMO43472399R
601479902583 570362 EMO43862613R
601842095102 583342 EMO26528753P
601842095027 583343 EMO2654433P
601842095041 583344 EMO26577962P
601842095058 583345 EMO2635338P
601842095034 583346 EMO26808444P
601842095072 583347 EMO26838408P
601842095089 583348 EMO26218423P
601842095096 583349 EMO26154559P
601842151822 588453 EMO36538042E
601842151815 588454 EMO36591091E
601842151846 588455 EMO36728335E
601842151839 588456 EMO36559328E
601842151853 588457 EMO36530720E
601842151778 588458 EMO36980033E
601842151792 588459 EMO36684660E
601842420478 1048850 EMO27612891S
601842420461 1048851 EMO27214778S
601842420454 1048852 EMO27681624S
601842420447 1048853 EMO27462104S
601842420430 1048854 EMO27139704S