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Garmin Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer

Garmin Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer
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Silent, Accurate and Powerful Smart Direct Drive trainer

• Next-to-silent smart bike trainer with improved accuracy within 1%; measures power and cadence
• Enables accurate pedal stroke analysis with left and right balance and power distribution
• Dynamic inertia compensates for weight and other factors to ensure a realistic and smooth ride feel
• Unique motor design allows for a maximum sprint resistance of 2,200 watts and simulates climbs up to a 25% incline
• Only bike trainer with road feel, a feature that lets you experience the sensation of different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel

Powerfully Built

NEO 2 Smart is able to deliver during the most intense training sessions. Its design integrates 32 neodymium magnets that allow for a high brake force and high power levels. It can resist sprints up to 2,200 watts and simulate climbs up to a 25% incline. No matter how intense your workout, this bike trainer is built to last.

Accurate and Reliable

The NEO 2 Smart trainer is designed to provide a reliable, accurate and consistent measurement of your speed, cadence and power, so you can keep track of your performance and progress. This smart trainer doesn’t require a calibration process, and it measures your data with a maximum deviation of 1%. NEO 2 Smart also measures the position of your left and right legs to analyze your pedaling technique and help you develop a more effective pedal stroke.

Fully Connected

The trainer communicates via BLUETOOTH® Smart technology and ANT+® FE-C protocol, making it compatible with a number of popular training apps. So whether you want to ride a famous cycling ride in the Tacx software, take on the virtual worlds of Zwift or utilize other platforms such as TrainerRoad, this bike trainer lets you ride smarter than ever before. You can also opt to use the trainer in stand-alone mode. When not connected, it will simulate a flat road; the faster you ride, the higher the resistance. And it can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously, so you can enjoy the software and track your performance on your Garmin bike computer at the same time.
Train Your Way

The NEO 2 Smart harnesses the innovative power of the Tacx indoor training software. Enjoy your time in the saddle with a library filled with more than 100 high-quality, real-life videos that let you experience the rush of riding the steep hills of the Alps or the cobblestone roads of Milan. Take advantage of efficiently structured training plans, designed for your fitness level to help you meet your unique goals. Race against live opponents, upload GPS data and ride on 3-D maps, create your own workouts based on slope, power, heart rate or FTP, and show off on Strava.

Part Numbers

8714895058320 T2850.60 TAC24440237R