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Social Media Image Submission

Group of road riders

A couple enjoying a sunset

A couple of riders taking a selfie

Ride Bikes, Have Fun, Take Great Pictures!

Photo Guidelines:

  • Reference always up-to-date photo size requirements for different social platforms and uses here.
    • Keep in mind aspect ratios (portrait - 1:2, horizontal - 2:1, square - 1:1) 
      • Generally, smartphone quality pictures will work for everything, pending lighting.
      • Not sure if it will work? Check the image on Landscape
  • Do not submit photos that feature competitor brand jerseys or bike brands 
  • Do not edit photos before submitting (to keep resolution high).

Posting Guidelines:

  • Reference location, people, and photo credit if applicable.
  • Use relevant hashtags, but don’t overdo it… less is more, 5 is usually more than enough


  • Prompt responses on comments and questions.
  • Interact and like posts CUSA is tagged in
  • Like and comment on other relevant posts

Branding / Brand Voice:

  • Use “we” or “us” instead of “I”
  • Use proper grammar and spelling unless slang is appropriate for the response (ex: it was fun hangin’ out at Sky Park!)
  • Friendly and inclusive voice.
  • Never engage in argumentative comments.
  • Avoid social media abbreviation / slang unless highly relevant to the content (IDK, RN, IRL, LOL, OMG…)
  • Images with imposed text (memes, sale announcement, closure announcement...) should generally be avoided, but can be used with CUSA's brand fonts and colors.
    • Imposed text images cannot be used to advertise on Facebook or Instagram. 
    • Brand fonts are mainly Brush Script and Eurostile