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RWBTC Century Training Sign Up Information

Destination: Tour de Palm Springs Century February 9, 2019

Give us 11 weeks of your life and we will give you the experience of a lifetime! 

Redlands Water Bottle Transit Company is conducting its 9th season of century training; taking ordinary athletes to extraordinary levels. If you can ride your bike 30 miles at 12-15 MPH, we can help you train for 100 miles!

Training begins on December 1 and continues for 10 weeks with the Tour de Palm Springs Century (week 11) as our final ride. We meet each Saturday morning at 8 am at the corner of Brookside & Alabama. Saturdays are our long rides. During the week, you will have “homework” to ride a designated number of miles.

To participate, join and become a member. Next, email to join a closed group designed to send you blogs and updates specific to the training.

During your training, you will be supported by experienced riders who have ridden one or more century. They are there for YOUR success. Your experiences and memories on the bike will create life long relationships, mentally change what you believe to be possible and stamp “SUCCESS” on your heart as you cross the finish line! 

Once you go forward, you’ll never go back!