The new year is here and it's time to put those resolutions to work!

We've pulled together a selection of our favorite items to keep us motivated and on track for 2019 cycling goals...


When it's too cold or dark outside, trainers are the perfect way to fit in a ride even on the busiest of days. Smart trainers offer even greater challenges and insight to help you sprint to your goals this year.


There is an E-Bike waiting to take every type of rider to the next level. Start commuting, ride with friends the fast group, or go further than ever before with an E-MTB or E-Bike this year!

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Gravel Bikes

Take the asphalt to the dirt with a gravel bike this year. With geometry and components designed to give the efficiency and confidence of a road bike on the back roads.

Fitness Bikes

If you're not sure where to start, a hybrid or fitness bike is the perfect place. Flat bars for comfort and maneuverability, efficient geometry for getting from class to the gym or going on a bike path adventure. All at a price we love.

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Adding a lighting system to your bike is the perfect way to safely extend your hours out on the trail or the road this time of year. We've got headlights and tail lights for every rider and every bike to keep you on your way.

Winter Apparel

Don't let cold days keep you off you bike. The right layers are essential to keeping your New Year's Resolutions on track. From insulated gloves, to wind-breaking, breathable jackets, we've got the right gear for whatever mother nature throws your way.