66 Great Video Cycling Tips!

The 66 Tips CD-ROM answers all your cycling questions!Here are a couple of quick questions for you:

Do you have a zillion gears on your bike, yet find yourself rarely using more than one or two because shifting's a big mystery?

Are you pedaling lap after lap around your neighborhood because you're not sure where else to ride?

Have you been wondering if you should pump up your tires, lube the chain, or wash your bike, but you're not sure what's involved?

How would you like to learn all these things, plus about 60 more, simply by watching a CD-ROM video on your computer?

The 66 Tips package and CD.
That's exactly what our Riding FUNdamentals 66 Tips CD-ROM is all about. By browsing the many tips and watching coaches Bill and Barbara demonstrate the many cycling tips and techniques, you get up to speed in a hurry and start enjoying cycling more than ever.

Plus, this program interacts with our website. While viewing it, there are opportunities to click links, which open print-outs and pages on our site with additional information.

We're sure you'll find the 66 Tips CD-ROM an invaluable addition to your cycling library and a great gift to help your riding buddies have more fun, too.

Here's a list of all 66 tips covered. For ease of use and maximum interest, the CD lets you jump to any tip and choose which tips to watch. There's no need to view something you've seen before or to watch it from beginning to end unless you want to.